¿Le has visto? – Mavia 2017

Part of a 12 portraits series
Walking in Mexico City, meeting faces of women on posters headed with the formula "Le has visto?" – have you seen him (her)? – everywhere. On the way to the races, on the way to the cinema, on the way to work. Disappearance announcements are part of the urban landscape: on the street, on the subway, stuck on a tree trunk, stuck on the building doors. In Mexico, 10.000 women missing according the UN and 70% of missing women are between 11 and 17 years old.
Living in Mexico City, I started to feel haunted by their absence, so present but ignored by passers-by, as a second disappearance, so I felt the need to paint their faces, to claim their existences, to paint their looks, seeking their individuality by taking their faces out of these systematized A4 papers. To show their life behind the statistics and behind the regular ignorance in the street, to pay homage to these women who disappear in the deaf chaos of the city.

Women en la Tierra-Bordando en la zona reservada a las mujeres de la Linea Azul 2020

Part of the series Women en la Tierra
In Mexico, cities, and countrysides, are inhabited by this violent and silent absence of women.
In response to this growing culture of violence, and in the face of the lack of institutional action, women began to organize more together, fighting together for their lives. In a process of claiming our existences,I started photo and video projects as odes to women while we are alive, existing and occupying the space too, connected to the earth.
This projetc therefore shows daily basis life from the female side: in the street, in the public transports, during a march, in the mountains or during a meeting of women, with the constant presence of the Earth.
Here, a woman embordering in the area reserved for women of the metro in Mexico City superimposed on a take of the petrified waterfalls of Hierve el Agua, State of Oaxaca.


te miro a los ojos mientras voy sanando lo que me dañaron 2021

Within the privacy of a bed, in front of a bashful body, a voice tells of the disconnection of a woman with her own sensuality, due to the mistreatment she experienced and that all had the same root: male domination.
This video self-portrait is about how the patriarchal system enters our beds, our hearts, the depths of our personal lives. It enters into everyday life and comes to touch our bodies and lives since we are children and leaves marks, less or more profound, depending on the history of each one.
How to enter into a process of healing and finding yourself again? How to regain confidence?
In the form of a video-poem, it is an intimate and personal project while it comes to dealing with feelings common to many women, reaffirming the saying that the personal is political.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Laurene Praget



French visual artist living between Mexico y Europe since 2015, my artistic preoccupations addresses femininity and being in the world as a woman and question my own relationship to the world and my own existence inside thos world, and so, to looking for a sensitive way to an undamaged femininity. In this movement, I begun to involve my own body in my projects to observe and try to express my vision of the essence of womanhood inside this world, connected to the Earth with video performance medium. Also, I'm working in parallel with photography as a narrative-archiving of women (hi)stories inside contemporary issues and with a poetic and intimate vocabulary.

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