"Time in a bottle" 2020

This image is part of my project “Time in a bottle", a series of photographs of my teenage daughter and her moments of doubt and uncertainty in the face of the new restrictions on life caused by COVID-19

"Portrait of a lady" 2018

This image is part of my project "House of Time standing stiil". It's mainly focused on identity, emotions, sensibility of the female world always in relation to time and the importance of the past in women's lives.

"Nimphs" 2018

This image is part of my project " L'Eau et les Rêves" also focused on the beauty and delicacy of the female world.

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Laura Daddabbo



Born in Bologna (Italy), currently, after various and prolonged experiences abroad, I live and work in Catania (Sicily).
I'm an author and independent photographer with an interest in storytelling. For the most part self-taught, I attended however some workshops with talented photographers .
I have soon developed my own style, closely linked to classicism and evident pictorial references, but light is certainly the distinctive feature of my photographs, a light at times dramatic and gloomy with which I delude myself to freeze time, youth and beauty in an eternal moment.
I have exhibited in Italy, U.K and France.

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