Precious Cargo 2020

“Precious Cargo”- work on paper, 22″x30″, colored pencil and graphite. A vase in the backseat of a car, sitting precariously on a carseat.

Windshields 2020

“Windshields”- work on paper, 19″x26″, colored pencil and graphite. A compilation of side, rear, and front windows juxtaposed with a scene looking out through the front windshield.

Contained Lovers 2019

“Contained Lovers”- work on paper, 19″x26″, colored pencil and graphite. A make believe still life representing the dynamics of intimate relationships.

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laura burke

United States

Laura Burke (she/her) is a Brooklyn based artist focused in drawing. Her work explores the significance of memory in relation to still lives. Is it possible for a piece to be labeled a still life, when a configuration of objects never existed to begin with? Each drawing becomes a configuration of adored objects that harken back to comfort and often times vulnerability, but are and never were an actual observed scene.
Burke was born and raised in Portland, Or. Her background is in printmaking, and currently works in large scale pattern repeat screen printing.

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