In the corner 2018

Exhibition at Ralli Museum Caesarea

Circle 2018

Detail from solo exhibition at Co-Gallery Berlin, that followed a residency of one month there.

Connect 2016

Located at the border of old and new Tel-Aviv

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Latzi Art

BA Faculty of the Arts Tel Aviv University
For over a decade I operate in the public sphere of Israel. The artworks can be found all over the country on walls, rooftops, fences, deserted and abandoned buildings – hundreds of pieces that create connections between stencil work and precise sketching.
My conscious choice to act in the public sphere does not stem from vandalism or from the desire to leave a mark forever. On the contrary: it is an art that is intended to be available but temporary, and it is destined to absorb changes and disappear completely.
In my work, I try to deal with power relations between individuals, the urban environment, and questions of identity.
Although I keep my identity secret – I take part in Artist in Residency programs and exhibit in galleries.

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