The birds make silence exist 1 2020

“The birds make silence exist”
Each moment is fragile. Yet, it’s fragility is the very same thing which makes it beautiful. It should, if anything, make us more present in these moments.
“The birds make silence exist” is a series of pictures made during the second lockdown in autumn 2020. A collaboration between two artists, Vivi Kassara (GR) and Lara Buffard (FR). They explored together still moments who allowed to listen to the silence and embraced it in baroque visions.

The birds make silence exist 2 2020

The birds make silence exist 3 2020

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Lara Buffard

United Kingdom

Lara Buffard (1973) is a French performance artist based between London and Athens. She graduated in Museology and later in Theatre Performance and Contemporary Live Arts. She worked for 10 years as Cultural project coordinator at mudac (Museum of Contemporary Design and Applied Arts/CH).She performed in UK, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and France.
In her work she subverts the darkest aspects of life through striking and colourful images, communicating personal and social ideas in playful and powerful acts, transforming the human body to Raphaelite creature.

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