St. Lucia 2017

The sculpture is part of series called VOYEUR. St. Lucia had such beautiful eyes that men lusted after her, so she plucked out her eyes. Her head and hands are made of polymer clay with fabricated brass and steel pedestal and found objects. She is holding glass eyes. The size is 38" x 18" x 27". This series, VOYEUR, focused on the objectification of women.

The Lovers 2016

Two pedestal sculptures that fit together. Bronze, brass, polymer clay, wood, gold foil, black marker and found objects. This sculpture focused on gender. Love knows no gender identity, no political
affiliation, no global location. Love is.
The size is 71" x 25" x 9".

The Annunciation 2019

The Annunciation is oil on canvas with brass collage. A fabricated brass frame with found objects. the size is 42" x 55" x 3". This work focuses on the perception of women in contemporary society as formed by historical and mythological portrayal

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Lannie Hart

United States

Lannie Hart is a sculptor and painter born in Jacksonville Florida. She was raised in Lawrenceville, Virginia in a house full of women that were all creative. Her mother played the piano and did needle crafts. Her Grandmother painted landscapes and one of her many aunts created small art objects for the home out of found objects. These women had a major influence on her art.

She graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginiawith a BFA and moved to New York City where she worked as a graphic artist and a fine art artist. Her first gallery was Julie Artisan’s Gallery in NYC. She had a one person show of her soft sculptures in 1982 and was published in Julie Schaffler-Dale’s book Art to Wear. She is also in the private collection of Julie Schaffler-Dale.

In 1988 , she had a one person show at the Womens Bank of NY in NYC where she showed her pastel paintings of women and was reviewed in ARTSPEAK. She joined SOHO20 a women’s cooperative gallery in 2009 and was a

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