Walking on Bloody Eggshells 2020

Almost all bodies go through shattering traumas that leave them plagued by nightmares, flashbacks, and other unpleasant memories. The worst of all is the feeling of losing control over our own bodies. I try to alter a feeling from an event that has occurred and affected the body in the past. Making them stoic yet still a feminine figure. Untouchable yet naked and vulnerable. The bodies I paint are open for judgement, presenting itself openly.

The Poor Soul has Interpreted to Itself 2021

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Laeticia Viorentine


I am currently in my third year of Bachelor Fine Arts at the Indonesia Institute of the Arts Yogyakarta in Indonesia, majoring in painting. I also volunteered in numerous educational programs such as Duta Seni Jakarta Biennale and Museum Macan’s volunteering program. These areas of studies reflect my interests in global and governmental affairs, art, cultural conservation within a South-East Asia context.
My artistic style varies from personal to cultural. Pursuing different styles provides freedom and flexibility to explore new approaches and techniques which helps propel the creative process. Painting is a full body experience for me. I paint. I lack the vocabulary, the language needed to relay difficult concepts and feelings and need to create them in image. When I feel passionately, I paint what I feel, be it beauty, doubt, trauma, disappointment, confusion and so much more.

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