DAVID AND GOLIATH is a project realized at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome MACRO by Kyrahm.
Luigi Leonardi is witness of justice, a person who denounces the Camorra, a kind of italian maphia, and now he has lived under threat since 2006. Luigi is an honest enterprenuer who refuse to pay bribery after the treats of maphia ("if you don't pay we will burn your plants!". Luigi accepted to take part at my performance art project. I built a giant monolith (Goliath representing the corruptions) inside the museum for 20 days. The day of the action, he was my David who told his harrowing story in tears, then he screamed and punched the Goliath.
From the break a blinding light illuminated the room and Luigi Leonardi raised a balance, a symbol of justice. The Goliath is now at the Museum Maam in Rome dedicated to the mafia's victims.
The link of the video shows only a teaser of the entire project which was protected by a password.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.



Kyrahm is an international artist based in Rome of visual and performance art, video art, film and activism. Upon the encounter with Julius Kaiser, she started the project Human Installations, a research comprising contemporary art, live art and avant-garde theatre. In a constant dialogue with cinema, create works of video art, documentaries and films. Her interest lies on the social function of the artist, existential dynamics, the role of identity, and the experimentation along mental and physical limits and gender roles.Their work has been presented in many countries of the world and has received prizes and institutional awards.
They are often invitated to present her work at the Academy of Art and University in Italy and abroad.

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