THROUGH THE KĀLI EROS \ immersive performance in installation 2019

The project was an installation based performance production for the public with 3 other collaborating artists whom I directed. It presented the viewers with a concocted world of its own, where hybrid meanings lead to an inner cleansing mechanism. Against a hypnotic score drawn from Hindustani classical music layered with tones of prolonged echoed narrations in gibberish and live instrumental music, the work interlaced a myriad of haunting gestures and fluctuating movements as acts, interspersed with a film projected on suspended painted surfaces. These performance acts were fragmented in nature and unfolded on cracked mud and dirt ground within Knockdown Center’s large industrial space. Reflecting on a chapter in the 12th century Sanskrit tome “Manasollasa” that addresses the nature of dance, the work attended to realities of the post-colonial world through a relationship between abstraction and representation.

Architectonics of Dispersion \ immersive acts and objects 2017

In ARCHITECTONICS OF DISPERSION, a diorama-like installation houses objects in textiles, fragile drawings in assorted proportions, shelves of glazed vegetables against mud coated wall sculptures – all as an invented mythic realm in which I carefully directed collaborating artists setting evocative acts against instrumental music of sitar, violin. With hypnosis of primitivism, decor and a sense of languor we all questioned body politics and queerness. Suggested pathos, delight, whisper, wonder and care set the emotive tones – through extracted eclectic components in transliteration from selected chapters of Nātyashāstra (2nd century AD dramaturgical Sanskrit treatise) and Manasollāsa (11th century AD socio-cultural tome).
This was presented to the public for 3 consecutive days.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Kuldeep Singh


Kuldeep Singh is a multidisciplinary artist, working at the intersection of Indian classical dance of Odissi and visual art. He had a decade long intensive training in Indian classical dance of Odissi under the critically acclaimed exponent Madhavi Mudgal in New Delhi till 2012, while earning his BFA from College of Art, Delhi University in 2007. He received his MFA on full scholarship, from University of Iowa in 2015.

He has presented works at Knockdown Center, Brooklyn (2019); Englert Theatre, Iowa City (2019); Asia Society Museum, NYC (2018);Rapid Pulse International Performance Festival, Chicago (2016) to name a few. And lectured at Rutgers University-NJ, University of N.C. in Charlotte, University of Nebraska-Omaha, UCL-London. His prestigious residencies include: Skowhegan (2014), Yaddo, NY (2015) & Bemis Center for Contemporary Art, NE (2016). His awards including – the esteemed New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship in 2018, Inlaks Foundation, Mumbai (2018) award.

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