The Thoughts of You 2021

This work is about connection between reality and imagination. The blue color allusively refers us to two moments. To the night and to the water. The first one is reality where the action takes place. This is hinted at by the yellow moon in the upper corner of the painting which can’t be seen trough the water at that angle. The body in the water is imagination, it’s a memory. The painting is double exposure and the connection between them is the smoke from reality or bubbles from imagination which appear after the interaction of the body with water.

The painting is also a visualization of the song Chill Rain by Blomst.

Pearl Divers (Ama) 2021

This work is also with a double exposure. It occupies a place in two elements, in the air and in the water. If we look at it from the water perspective the painting is quite realistic. However, If we take it as an air space, the picture becomes metaphorical representing diving for a dream, the path of life its flow remotely carrying Renaissance motifs.

Youth 2021

The painting represents the feeling of being young, its carelessness, its speed, its dynamics, its power. This is a metaphor for summer.

The painting is visualization of the song Hombre Honrado by Hermanos Gutierrez.

When I look at this work I see the begging of Tarantino movies where everything is still fine. A naked girl runs around a field in the rain, lifting ripe dandelions into the air with her movements.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Kseniia Art


Born and raised in Moscow, Russia

Russian State University A.N.Kosygin ("Art History")

2020 exhibition "Az-Art" at Moskh, Moscow, Russia
2021 exhibition "Young artists", at Moskh, Moscow, Russia

Some works are in private collections

I'm a contemporary artist, making abstract, naive, conceptual works

Art was always the tool to learn about myself and the world around for me.
My art isn't always about the reality as you see it, it's about how you and I feel it

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