Is there home, where it never used to be? 2019

While on the plane, with a one-way ticket, I finally articulated my thought: 'Home is me'. But then when I felt like a migrant in an unknown city, I realized that such an approach didn't work for everyone.
I want to share the experience of split time between two homes, convey the feeling of strong connection with the past and the power of nostalgia.
It was important for me to find people of different ages, who moved from other Russian and stayed here for different periods of time. In our country there is a set expression: 'Did you forget your head?'
When does a place you live in become yours? Do the feelings of anxiety depend on a city, you stay in? Finally, is there home, where it never used to be?

Dialogues of Plato 2019

The step is a sigh. Every action is reflected in this Universe and has its own meaning. It, like ripples after a thrown stone, spreads through the water in circles and affects the environment even at the level of particles. Time to collect stones. To the rhythm of the breathing of this world.

Coming home again 2019

No, I did not turn around, did not stop, but simply walked forward. Because I'm going home. And I know exactly where he is, but I have no idea how long it will take me to be inside. However, I continue on my way. I'm not in a hurry. Only sometimes I stay to notice, feel, peer, live, realize. Since the road to oneself is always new, it never repeats itself. Now I open the door and …

“Coming home again” is a personal project, in the course of which the author enters into a dialogue with himself, tries to accept the reality surrounding him, and again return to his center.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Ksenia Ryabova


Ksenia Ryabova is a visual artist and documentary photographer. Born in Vladivostok, based in Saint Petersburg.
Studied at FEFU, Department of Journalism and Publishing Business (2014–2018), at Vladivostok School of Contemporary and Art (2017–2018), Academy of Documentary Photography and Photojournalism “Fotografika” in St. Petersburg (2018–2020).
Works in design studio “Gonzo design” as visual editor and creator multimedia projects (2019–present).
In her projects, she researches the topics of connection and self-identify with the place.
Won the competition “Vmeste Media“ twice and entered the shortlist of the “Young photographers of Russia-2020“. Participated in group exhibitions in Vladivostok (2016–2019), Kaluga, Tula, Pushkin (Young photographers of Russia, 2020), in Rome (Loosen Art, 2020), in Saint-Petersburg (Nunc, 2020)\Publications: The Village, Regnum, Afisha.

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