Carol 2020

What is freedom? That is the question developed in the same-name series. Trying to find the answer the artist arrived at the point where freedom is equal to love. Being free to love and love to be free is a difficult task for everyone. It is even more difficult in Russia where LGBTQ+ persons need to hide their feelings after the "Gay propaganda" law passed.
Series "Freedom" took inspiration in three movies where the love theme is strongly connected to freedom. The proposed image is inspired by "Carol" movie where a love story between two women becomes a hymn for self-love and self-respect that liberates both of them.

Untitled 2017

Beast 2020

One piece of a series about objects from a bygone era.
Cut out, on a monochrome background, objects become dimensionless and weightless – it is impossible to estimate how big they are and how much they weigh.
No background – no context. In this way, the objects each time acquire a new meaning depending on the viewer. If the viewer has never seen something similar, the object may "lose" not only its direct purpose but also its scope. It turns out that the viewer seems to reinvent the meaning of these objects, allowing them to find a new place in the world for which they were not created. Together with the viewer, a new context is created that gives outdated items a second chance.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Ksenia Belolutskaya


Ksenia Belolutskaya is a young photographer and artist based in Moscow, Russia. Her field of interest lies in objects either big as buildings and architectural forms or small as those in the still lives she makes. Being a self-taught photographer Ksenia experiments a lot with colors and forms trying to understand the nature of an object. She also has a strong interest in documentary so the photos tend to be more natural even if it's a constructed composition.

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