BLOCK Series – 2018 / 2019
Painting series
The works show a city life image with characteristic constructions. The images that carry the deformation marks have been inspired by the observation of the city’s surroundings, but the works created by the transformations contain a peculiar vision. The panel house reflects our urbanistic living space. Observing the environment shows an aesthetic orientation, with the different stacking layers changing the original content of the starting point.

Wrong Data 2019

Wrong Data Series – 2018/2019
Painting series

The sequence of abstraction pictures generated by a file is damaged. Defective layer on structured artificial structures refer to human activity. Defective data is a consequence of some kind of process mistake. Environmental impacts greatly affect the state of our planet, the cause of which is the person who intervenes in the ecosystem. So we can look at the human as a mistake.

M4 2018

M4 – 2018
Installation (drawing on canvas, video, music)

The looped version of the video shot on Calvin Square is projected on six smaller sized canvases. The size of the video changes in relation to the intensity of the sound, so the metro station becomes visible as a whole, or disappears and concentrates only on the canvases.

I examine the relativity of our space sensing. We know only some details of our living environment. Through the installation, the viewer enters a fictive, artificially directed medium. Do we recognize the scene from six smaller details? How does our space experience change depending on the changes of the video?

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Kristóf Szabó


Kristóf Szabó – KristofLab was born in 1988 in Győr. He is a visual and media artist. Graduated from University of Fine Arts, as a graphic designer (2012) and as an art teacher as well (2013). He won an Erasmus scholarship in 2011 to study in Dresden. Kristóf is member of the MAMŰ and the Ziggurat Project member which groups are experimenting with various co-artistic collaborations. He is fond of working with dancers or representatives of other branches of art. He took part in number of solo and group exhibitions in Hungary and abroad. More recently he is experimenting with the relationship of painting and new media art.
Selected Award – Grants – Residency:
2019 Rezidencia – Nástupište 1-12, Topoľčany, Slovakia
2018 Rezidencia – Stockholm, Sweden, the Weld
2017 Ludwig Museum – Creative Europe program CAPP
2017 Placc and Scenekunst Østfold – PICTURE Budapest – Østfold c. project, Hungary & Norway
2014 Unicredit Young Artist scholarship

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