Do You Think About Home 2019

Do You Think About Home is an immersive installation consisting of holographic projection mapping on water screens and sound, looking at the mysterious life cycle and migration of the critically endangered European eel.
Told from the eels’ perspective, the project aims to cast a light on the story of this critically endangered animal whose existence is threatened by human action and climate change. Here, the eels are taken as a metaphor for the human strife for self-fulfilment, the seek for the utopian place and state.
Drawing parallels between the lives of humans and eels in the wake of climate change, the piece deals with the struggles of overcoming borders and barriers, in a world where long journeys and migrations are increasingly becoming more difficult.

A Calling, Deeply 2019

A Calling, Deeply (2019) is a 360 VR video and installation, looking at the mysterious life cycle and migration of the critically endangered European eel. Through the use of immersive VR, dance and CGI, the piece aims to imagine the European Eel’s act of love.

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Kristina Pulejkova

United Kingdom

Kristina Pulejkova (b.Skopje, 1988) is a Macedonian London-based artist whose inter- disciplinary practice is informed by science and technology. Currently artist in residence at Somerset House Studios, London. Kristina’s work explores how the use of technology might lead to greater forms of sustainability in human-nature relationships. Working across moving image, sound and installation, she aims to build subjective narratives based on scientific data and principles.
Kristina holds a Magisterium Degree (BA + MA) in Paining and Animation from the University for Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria (2012) and an MA Degree in Art and Science from Central Saint Martins, London, UK (2014).
Kristina’s works have been exhibited/screened at the MoCA, Skopje, MK (solo show); MAK, Vienna, AT; Project Space Kunsthalle, Vienna, AT; Het Glaspaviljoen, Eindhoven, NL; Art COP21 Paris, FR; The Science Museum, London, UK; The V&A, London, UK; Whitechapel Gallery, London, UK, amongst others.

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