“Life = Word = Death = Noun”. 2018

“Life=Word = Death = Noun” is part of my “Every word is an image” series. It has been manually created by using instead of paintbrushes and acrylic paints, a computer mouse and digitally generated by custom software colourful abstractions differently representing the title of the artwork. The software – on the development of which I have devoted 15 years of my life – is based on my patented methods for natural language generation and representation (CIPO-Patent-2704163).


Freestanding Excogitatoris. 2018

The “Freestanding Excogitatoris” is a sound-sculpture composed of printed words, light, and 45 min looped audio composition. The audio composition has been generated by my custom software for representing English sentences as spoken words and nonverbal sounds.
The sculpture is part of my ongoing project “What thoughts are made of” that includes works made of candies, words, sounds, and light. The reasoning for that follows from the fact that since the brain needs sugar to generate thoughts as well as words to formulate them, therefore thoughts are made up of sugar and words. And, since thoughts are made of sugar and candies are made of sugar, therefore thoughts are made of candies too. In addition, since thoughts are made of words and words are made up of sounds that represent them, therefore thoughts are made of sounds. And finally, since a brain engaged in the generation of thoughts produces biophotons that are photons of light, therefore thoughts are made of light.

“Every letter is a sound”. 2017

“Every letter is a sound” is a language-based artwork that that can be read, heard, and looked upon. It demonstrates how thoughts about reality, death, and the meaning of life can be digitally transformed by my software into sequences of nonverbal sounds and experienced as musical abstractions. The video link demonstrates a fragment capturing the software-based transformation of the sentence “Reality is absurd” into a sequence of sounds.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by C.O.C.A.

Krasi Dimtch


Krasi Dimtch is a Canadian artist who creates visual, textual, and sound art that encode linguistic contents and explore the structures of Language viewed as a repository of ideas. She was born in Bulgaria and holds a master's degree from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts in Poland. In 1995, she became interested in Language and its role in the thought-creation process. In 2013, she was granted a patent for methods for natural language generation and representation. Dimtch's artistic practice is focused on the development and use of atypical means for representing the symbols of Language through digital imagery, poetry, and sounds. Her art is the result of a symbiosis between her imagination and custom software for representing words as colourful abstractions and sounds.

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