The color within 2020

This photograph was shot at my friend's apartment while I was waiting for her to come out. This sort of stood out while my gaze was wandering.

Suspended 2020

This photo was taken when the entire country was in a state of Lockdown and I had gone to the beach in the early hours of the day and there was an eerie silence as though the fun had been sucked out of what was once a joy ride for kids.

Patience 2019

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Koneru Dheeraj


I am Dheeraj and I am from India. I consider myself an amateur photographer and have mostly taken photographs with my phone. I usually take street photography and sometimes boudoir. Though I come from an Engineering background, I have always been interested in art and art history. I realized since I can't paint, the closest thing to art that I can do is taking photos. I bought an old Pentax K1000 film camera earlier this year and my goal is to explore the world of film photography.

My interest in art began when I first saw a painting by Van Gogh and unlike most of the kids who would've seen Van Gogh's most famous painting, "The Starry Night", I saw a painting called "Potato Eaters" which I later learned was one of his early works and was immediately struck by the lighting within the painting. I consider painting and photography just like how I see Physics and Mathematics in the sense that they both are just as important and hold immense importance in my life.

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