A life li(o)nes barcode 2018

Everything is for sale now, even the soul… so can it have its own barcode?

Craft paper, 84×59 cm, gel pens, pastel.

I am the sea, for predatory fish 2018

Inside each artist live predatory fish of his attention, which swirl hunting for ideas, in the inner sea of his soul.

Craft paper, 42×30 cm, gel pens, acryl.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Kirill Arkadyev



Kirill Gera Arkadyev (1983) is an artist. Born in Moldova, grew up in Kazakhstan currently he lives and works in Moscow. Once, when I was young, I realized that I had to bring something into this world. Tell it something important related to my personality. In my works, I try not only to convey the appearance of this world, people in it, but to show the inner – to prosect the theme that I plan to draw. In almost every work, I try to make multisense simbols, on the surface and more hidden. It’s as though I’m writing a small story, but I’m using not words, but visual simbols. For those who like to see the obvious – one simbols, for those who like to descover – others.
Exhibiting since 2007, in Russia, Europe, Cuba, and South Korea. A member of the Eurasian Union of Artists.

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