Babuíno 2020

Baboon Sagrado, is part of the personal project "Olhares da Natureza". It is also present in the portfolio.
"Olhares da Natureza" is nothing more than portraying the exchange of looks, the wonderful feeling of communicating up close, or being discovered even from afar by incredible animals and birds.

Respeita as Mina 2020

“As Ruas Falam”, portrays the walls, and interventions in the city of Bauru (most of the images) and Region. They are the languages ​​and thoughts of various artists in the city or who are passing through here, they are images, outbursts, reports and resistance spread across the streets and which day by day they dialogue with all of us.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Kine Costa


Freelancer photographer. Nature and street photography are my passions. My photos are a little of the interior of the state of São Paulo, mainly the cities of Bauru and Pirajuí.

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