Four-part painting: 100cm X 110cm (ink on paper; the whole painting, paper on wooden panel)

1st part of the painting: 70cm X 100cm (ink on paper)
2nd, 3rd, 4th parts of the painting: 35cm X 35 cm (ink on paper)

An indicator string is formed by using the same bars together. When we let go of the matching sticks, each one is dragged into a tangle of possibilities, and a "fall" occurs towards the probability valid for the current situation. The adventure of designing and making sense of human life, which we call life, is explained through the change in the position of these identical rods relative to each other at the end of each falling action and the image of this change on paper. The sign loses its quality in the subjectivity of the living and perceiving.

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Kezban Baskı


I was born in 1984 in Ankara, Turkey. I graduated from Faculty of Pharmacy in 2002. Now I am pursuing my PhD in pharmacology. I am a self-taught artist. My art journey started at an early age and I began to learn the rules by myself.

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