Since 3 months, I’ve started to make an illustration almost everyday. The initial idea was to train myself, but it became quickly to me more interesting, artistically. It turns to be a very self reflective practice. I saw pattern starting to loom while I was examining my illustrations. Period of time with certain kind of design. Some direct and graphical answers to events that outrage me, or simply make me think. This become way bigger that I expected. Almost a graphic dairy of my past 3 months. It starts to fascinate me; because this simple creative practice developed into an artistic concept. Such as the very interested On Kawara’s Silence date painting series.

Visual artist always needed to confront images to the world. So that’s what I’ve done. I first compile my images in a Tumblr (that’s “my website”, you can find it here : Then I print some of them for personal use (showing to friends/artists) and to participate to exhibitions. I, for example, expose 6 of those illustrations during the “Kill the Curator” exhibition, February 2018, in Groningen. Next month, one of my illustration, named L’Origine d’Internet (“The Origin of Internet”), will be shown during the Tiny Art Exhibition. Two of my images also get selected for the feature of the “I as Another” exhibition in London.

Bref. My idea was to fill an exhibition space with those illustration printed in high quality, A0 format (poster). The space will, then, become a full reflection on my artistic practice and process, but also about the outside world. Because, as I already mention, these illustrations are also “my” mirror of the society. A depiction of the world through the eyes (and the visual expression) of a visual artist. I’m not saying that in any case I’m carrying the truth, but this is my development in relation with the rest of the humanity. J. Rancière says that “everything is in everything”. I modestly think that I’m evolving like a satellite around the society, and I sometimes send information of what I see, what I feel, subjectively. These information are my illustrations.

You probably understand that these project is an ongoing process (the Tumblr is also evolving). But I feel that, after 3 months of work, and more that 50 illustrations, it could be interested to expand. And that’s the reason why I’m writing this application; I deeply think that you can help me to develop this project to another level.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by C.O.C.A.

Kevin A. Perrin


I'm a young (french) visual artist based in the Netherlands. I'm currently studying a fine art master program; Media, Art, Design & Technology (nicely so-called MADtech) at the Frank Mohr Instituut of Groningen. I've previously studied Hypermedia Communication's Bachelor in the IAE Savoie Mont Blanc of Annecy-le-Vieux, France. I also have a background on graphic design and sociology. I'm very interested on the society issues, the technology and how thus two can be combine to (maybe?) great something better. My work is indeed visual. It play with the digital code and its aesthetic. I've been working on video installations and on research the past last years. But since 2018 I've started another visual project. That's the one I want to present here.

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