Stellarium 2019

I have a peaceful mind when I see the sparkling of stars and quiet wave fluctuations of a calm ocean. Because I want to express this feeling, I use particles of lights and wavers of soft colors for my projects.
For example, I make a fictional calm water surface and gentle wave by reflecting a familiar scenery in a half mirror with water drops.
Even if you feel stuffy everyday like sinking to the bottom of the sea, you should have a moment that a landscape in front of you suddenly full of light and you are enchanted by breathtaking beauty. Then you should be relieved of your worries. Gleams on the fictional water surface express a desire for rebirth everyone has.

Terraform 2018

I use a pseudo multiple exposure. Three types of images: familiar scenery, star shine and spectrum light, are displayed flashing like subliminal on my PC screen. Then I expose these flashing images several seconds to several tens of seconds. Whenever and wherever we are, there is a huge star ocean far beyond our line of sight. Unfortunately we can neither see the new sky nor feel the new life because we can’t get closer the star shine yet. But we feel never uneasy about our everyday life while seeing worlds completely unrelated to us.

Nano, Shinjuku City 2020

Thanks to perfect navigation systems and highest resolution camera devices, all over the world are filled up super smooth pixel data.
When I see a grain of sand, I feel that a lot of microcosms which contain microscopic pixels overlap each other. So I feel dizzy in that case.
That’s why I realized that there is no longer a new place to travel with my camera in the real world. But there are many places in my world like my own memory that have never been captured by any camera.
And I think it is good that I express my emotional problems like using emojis and stamps.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Kenta Okamoto


Kenta Okamoto was born in Kyoto, Japan, in 1989. I received the BArch from Kobe University, and the MFA from Musashino Art University’s Graduate School. I live and work in Kyoto.

These days, a lot of people watch their screen like a smartphone and a PC for a long time. And it is easy to imagine the Screen Time is longer than the Real Time.
That’s why I started taking photographs of images displayed on my PC screen recently.

The following are my awards, features and exhibitions.
I was selected to finalist of Exposure Awards 2020 (lensculture, 2020). And I won an honorable mention of Canon New Cosmos of Photography 2016 (Japan, 2016). In addition, I accepted for Nikon Juan21(Japan, 2013).
My recent project, Terraform, has been featured in Digital issue of GUP magazine (The Netherlands, 2018). And my photographs have been exhibited internationally, such as the Tokyo Photographic Art Museum (Japan, 2016); Quoz Arts Fest 2019 (UAE, 2019); NY ART BOOK FAIR (USA, 2019).

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