24 Panes of history 2017

This is window panes at an old smithy from the 1600s. Photographed in heavy snow storm a cold day in January. Each window pane tells an ancient story.

Autumn sheds 2018

Typical Swedish rural houses. It was damp and cold at this time and the fog or sea smoke made everything extra moist. Some fall colors and softness through the mist-hoare frost. The ice is just about to freeze on the lake.

In blue 2019

A desolated “island” at a winter field. It had been snowing all night and the wheat field was completely covered by snow. In the afternoon, there was heavy mist that made the day to dusk. The sun struggled to come through the fog. The title is ”In blue” and without getting too poetic, it is about the lonely feeling that one can get at certain times. But remember, there is always light within.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Kent Olsson



Kent Olsson from Västerås, Sweden, is an internationally awarded photographer who specialises in artistic landscape photography. His style is characterized by the Nordic light and melancholy. The images contain a painterly light and the atmosphere in the pictures resembles more about a graphic expression than just photographs.

He has been awarded qualifications by the Society of International Nature & Wildlife Photographers.

Kent has had many solo exhibitions of his pictures and he photographs as he previously painted; direct, painterly and straightforward, with no frills.

Kent is also a freelance engineer specializing in digital filters for cameras and film cameras. He has since 1998 its name on several patents in the field, and his technique is used by among others; Disney, Time Warner, Avid, Pinnacle and many primary camera manufacturers and photographers worldwide.

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