LineFORM. 2015

LineFORM is a novel Shape Changing Interface which has the form of a “Line”. Lines have several interesting characteristics from the perspective of interaction design: abstractness of data representation; a variety of inherent interactions / affordances; and constraints as boundaries or borderlines. By utilising such aspects of lines together with the added capability of shape-shifting, we present various applications in different scenarios such as shape changing cords, mobiles, body constraints, and data manipulation to investigate the design space of line-based shape changing interfaces.


Down the ages, people have been utilizing various stationeries to draw precise figures by own hands. On the other hand, as technology developed, CAD software has enabled us to draw such figures easily on the display. In this research, we propose a compass-based drawing interface, “COMP*PASS”, which integrates advantages of digital control to manual works. By focusing on the tool compass, we developed a novel drawing interface that can draw not only circles but also other kinds of figures under physical environment. In concrete, the radius of the interface is regulated according to the rotation of the device therefore the user only needs to twist the interface to draw a specific figure. The interface is composed of a rotary encoder which detects the rotation angle, and a servomotor which regulates the radius of the drawing.

HydroMorph. 2016

HydroMorph is an interactive display based on shapes formed by a stream of water. Inspired by the membrane formed when a water stream hits a smooth surface (e.g. a spoon), we developed a system that dynamically controls the shape of a water membrane. This paper describes the design and implementation of our system, explores a design space of interactions around water shapes, and proposes a set of user scenarios in applications across scales, from the faucet to the fountain. Through this work, we look to to enrich our interaction with water, an everyday material, with the added dimension of transformation.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by C.O.C.A.

Ken Nakagaki

United States

Ken is an interaction designer from Japan. Currently, he is a doctoral student in MIT Media Lab, Tangible Media Group and also working as Research Assitant there. He is interested in developing interfaces which combines digital information or computational aids into daily physical tools and materials seamlessly, and also interested in designing human perception with such interfaces. As a researcher, he has been presenting his work in HCI Conferences (ACM CHI, UIST, TEI, SIGGRAPH and etc). Besides academic community, his works have been demonstrated in various exhibitions such as Ars Electronica, and also won awards in design and art competitions such as the A' Design Award, the James Dyson Award, and the Japan Media Arts Festival.

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