“Life”. 2018

Technique: manipulated fabric and wood

Measures: 170x145cm

Kaulip Alvarez
Originally from MOGUER ( Huelva,Spain),
1980 .
Currently lives in Madrid. Fine Arts Doctorate of Complutense University of Madrid.
Kaulip Álvarez is an artist who investigates through various disciplines emotional involvement of the public with
his works, so o en evoke situations, memories, fears, dreams and perceptions that trap us in his dream world.
Its iconography is imbued with characteristic symbols and is made with bright images and apparently harmless though, as you know readers of stories, not everything is what it seems …
e elements of nature and the female body are repeated frequently in his compositions entwining both universes with miri c strokes and throbbing sensations that leave no one indi erent.
Irony is a gure of speech that is also present in his work, despite trying to interpret it conveniently through shapes, shades, textures … Its sole purpose is to convey the space around us and sometimes not we see or feel.
Kaulip shows the noise that surrounds us and prevents us from hearing the calm that throbs in his cosmos, in this
imaginary universe where survive voices of other times, fables, utopias, allegories and our subconscious.


“Libre”. 2017/2018

Graphite on paper and ceramic 56x240cm
The book becomes an artistic object that can sometimes have a literary motivation, but that goes beyond the book as we know it.


“Silk”. 2017/2018

wood and ceramic 51x88cm


Hybrid odor
Le sens-tu.. Accroché aux éclats du temps
comme un murmure qui vaporise de baisers errants L’apesanteur d’une bouche, incitant à rever.
Sens-tu le chuchotement piégé dans l’aureole d’un sein qui palpite dans une silencieuse alcove, annonçant la vie
Sens-tu les craquements du bois qui évoquent, comme des nuages sans ombre, des milliers d’années de foret
Sens-tu les ailes de vipères, qui mordent l’image d’une nuit incertaine comme pluie cassée
Sens-tu les pétales d’hiver qui parsèment l’herbe blanche des essaims de roses enveloppées Sens-tu le parfum du premier souvenir qui teint comme le miel bruni, des étoiles dans tes yeux
Le sens-tu …libre
comme l’odeur de la terre mouillée
comme l’empreinte de tes doigts bleutés comme un défi de matins insomniaques comme l’eau dégradée
comme une lumière qui rappèlle d’anciennes absences
Sens-tu… tu le sens toujours
Maria Coronado

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by C.O.C.A.

Kaulip Álvarez


Exhibitions in Japan, Africa, Paris, Spain, Germany, Mexico or Colombia ... as well as honorary scholarships and collaboration scholarships, honorable mentions in different contests or prizes, works on deposit and private collections. book editions Visual Artist Originally from Moguer (Huelva, Spain), currently lives in Madrid. Fine Arts Doctorate of Complutense University of Madrid. Kaulip Álvarez interweaves with the present. Her iconography is impregnated with the symbolism and fulfilled with colourful and bright images, apparently in some way innocuous, although, as the tales readers know, the things are not what they seem to be… Education: 2006-2007 Doctorate Studies Title (DEA/Diploma of Advanced Studies), Painting department, Complutense University of Madr

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