In My White Corner. 2019

In my art I work with concepts of space and identity, I act in the field of aesthetic and sensory experiences, avoiding direct references and narrative. These concepts are intertwined in one way or another in various media and interpretations.
The search for compositional solutions, forms, colors and materials that interest me is also important for my artistic practice. Intuitively I reproduce calm and meditative compositions that portray a certain room or part of it, or an architectural object or building. As an artist I am focused on the modern world created by people, human’s interaction with the surrounding forms and a person’s place among them, perception of a human as a form and the question of the possibility of such perception. I am convinced that our everyday world is inextricably linked with the understanding of who we are.

My Temporary Room 2020

In the installation "My temporary room" there are reflections on the theme of the dialogue of times. On the one hand, there is the grand hall of the 19th century, where we clearly feel the bygone luxury of the art Nouveau era's decor. On the other hand, it is an absolutely flat rectangular wall of white color, which owes its conciseness and clarity of form to the modernist architecture of the time in which we live today.
The six-meter-high wall floats in the air despite its impressive size. The floor is covered with a carpet made of wood chips so anyone can effortlessly break the geometry of the carpet. All this builds up a whole image of something fragile and light. I perceive the spaces of modernity this way so they "sound" to me in a dialogue with the spaces from the past. The same idea applies to objects that are part of the installation. In them, I kind of revised the properties of marble and gave it a deceptive lightness, pinning it between glass neon tubes.

Room #11 2020

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Katya Tzareva


Katya Tzareva is a Russia based artist who works with paintings, sculptures, video and installations. She graduated from Kuban State University, faculty of "Architecture and design" In 2006. Her first solo show was held in 2012. She participated in many group and solo shows across Russia as well as international group exhibitions in London and Ahmedabad (India). Katya was exhibited at the Udmurt Republic Art Museum on her solo show in 2018. She attended the special project of the Moscow International Biennale For Young Art in 2016. Katya was selected to the Womens International Film Festival (USA) in 2019 and received a Merit Award. She also attended an artist residency program and had a solo show at the Gridchinhall Gallery & Art-Residence (RU) in 2016. She is in the list of the 100 top young Russian artists as reported by "In Art" (THE DATABASE AND ANALYTICS OF RUSSIAN CONTEMPORARY ART).

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