Code 2020

A collaborative research project, funded by the Berlin Senate Department of Culture and Europe. Supported by and presented at Ada Studio, Berlin as part of their artist residency program ‘Reinkommen on Screen’ September – October 2020.

By using movement and sound to create a new sensory language, the collaboration between Katherine and percussionist Petros Tzekos, draws inspiration from morse-code, braille and ASL. The basis of the piece explores the development of language from it’s most simplistic forms of ‘action’ to ‘reaction’ alongside the theme of censorship, echoing the characteristics of morse-code.

Hatch 2019

‘Hatch’ was a land art installation built in the Mirador Forest of Steinfort, Luxembourg, as a product of Antropical Artist Residency 2019.

The nest consisted of branches from dead trees found within the forest, each one trimmed and woven into a large scale nest.

This piece had a particular resonance with the feeling of displacement, built during the time of a political turning point in Hong Kong, where Katherine considers home.

We can build a home and dedicate ourselves to our fullest ability, but one way or another, a day will come where we must leave it behind.

We See As We Are 2014

Visually conveying inspirational proverbs and quotes (continuing on from one of her earlier projects 'Life goes on') into dance and design.
The performance includes an installation consisting of 25 hand made sand bags as an unpredictable emblem of time, against the choreography of a relationship which is ever shifting.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Katherine Leung

United Kingdom

Katherine Leung is a dance artist of mixed Scottish and Chinese descent, born in Glasgow UK. With her background in theatre and dance, she completed her Master’s in Performance Design and Practice at Central Saint Martins and her Bachelor’s in Performing Arts at London Metropolitan University. She has since made independent works and has devised original productions collaboratively with artists across various disciplines. Dance and installation design are her two chosen mediums for her artistic expression.
With extensive knowledge and influence through her theatre roots, she continues to make independent work which primarily explores the human body within interdisciplinary practices. Currently living in Berlin, she continues to find inspiration in collaborations, exploring the role of the moving body in different forms of performative art.

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