Wayang Stick Puppet No 3- the dark princess 2020

50×70 cm acrylic on canvas
The dark princess stands for the polarity and balance between the contrasts. Light and shadow belong to the same coin.
the picture is part of a series depicting different characters from puppets, inspired by Indonesian shadow play – the plays of the Wayang cult.

languages of all countries 2017

Acrylic on canvas 80×100 cm.
Symbols that escape themselves through time and space, language and communication as a mirror of society.

Zwerg Maar (dwarf Maar) 2018

ca 5,9 x 6,5 x 8,4 cm, artclay (comes in a transparent showcase)
(Right at the corner dwarf left.) Who would you like to paint cubistically, and who loves you for your rough edges?

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Katharina Eisenberg



Born in 1982 and raised in Berlin

2002 Abitur in Berlin Schöneberg

2006 vocal studies at the HfMT Hamburg

– Living as a freelance singer and singing teacher in Hamburg

Suddenly active as a visual artist since 2016 (creative expression shifted from music to visual art)

2017 move to the adopted home of Bavaria

– still freelance artist and musician, current focus on art


2016 Friese Künstlerhaus Hamburg

2018 1st studio exhibition in Miesbach

2017-19 exhibitions in various hotels on Lake Tegernsee,
and artist markets in the region

2019 vernissage and regular exhibition at the Allianz insurance agency in Miesbach

2019 2nd studio exhibition in Miesbach


29.3-5.3.2020 Altes Schalthaus in the E-Werk Tegernsee

May 2020 open studio days Miesbach

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