Art-project "Evolution" 2019

If possible there was a teleportation how would she look !? I imagine it in the form of a dome arch. In this art project called “Evolution”, the arches are presented as an embryo that grows depending on the growth and capabilities of new technologies, just as any embryo or embryo develops with time it changes and becomes the essence (in this project a full-fledged arch ” teleportation ", but if it works, it will show the future and all forms of its development).
Already been the creation of 3 arches
Arch "Air", plastic, 3D printing, 13x16x14 cm, sculpture, 2016-2018
Shown as an embryo
Arch "Earth", 15x29x16 cm, 3D printing, plastic, levitator, stone, cord, sculpture, 2016-2018
Shown as zero gravity
Arch "Water" 32x50x32 cm, 3D printing, plastic, smartphone, throne 13×12.5×9 cm, plastic, 3D printing ,2019

Gorilla 2018

Skeleton as an ecosystem . The skeletons depict the shape of a skeleton consisting of sticks, tree roots, butterflies, butterfly dolls and flowers. This shows that in fact we are all part of nature. And the message should think about pollution (destruction) of nature and the possibility of reducing consumption.

Hologram evolution 2016

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Kateryna Repa


Katerina Repa was born in 1979 in Odessa, lives in her native city. She graduated from the Odessa Hydrometeorological Institute (Odessa State Ecological University) with a degree in applied ecology.

​Until now, I was engaged in an artistic circle. Now known under the pseudonym Kateryna Repa. Creates a unique brand of women's clothing and accessories KaterynaRepa, is also engaged in painting, drawing, sculpture and other types of digital art. Participated in many exhibitions in Ukraine, London, France, Germany, etc., took prizes. Participation in the project "Falling Shadow" on the gardens of Jardinia "in the 58th Venice Biennale, which is also the jury of international art competitions in Israel and Russia.
In 2019, the Alexander Pushkin Medal was awarded 220 years for the development of Russian literature.
In 2020, in Florence, she received the International Prize Leonardo da Vinci- Universal Artist.

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