Apple dance – Pax 2017

The painting «Apple-Dance- Pax» is a figurative – abstract description of expressiv mixing of divers painting – techniques. You discover in the picture both small little mystic creatures and prescined almost floated – danced figures. The background color is black as the Black Material, in it man considers ownself in the primal fear of the existent Non – existent or in conscious Unconscious of the moments and supposes, that the figures, forms, colors overall the space – perception develop through illuminated Black Material. The scientists assert, that us world comprised predominant from the Black Material, which is till now a big secret by the scientists also. On the left side of the painting remember us the flown – danced figures about occult creatures, what fly round of the apples, as a next-door figure jumps over a other shape in alike to a military – helmet headgear. The title «Apple-Dance-Pax» refers to the nuclear wars.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Katalin Branner



2005 – 2017 Slavistic, German Linguistic, Comparatistic, UZH
1992 – 1996 Törökszentmiklòs, Bercsènyi Miklòs Gymnasium, Abitur, Hungary


2020 Exhibition without Owl, Mutschellenstrasse 188, Solo-Exhibition, Painting
2019 Performance, Kunsthalle Zürich, Volumes – 2019
2019 Performance, Schiffbau,
2018 “Art 18+”, Kunstzeiger, Zürich
2018 „Kunstszene Zürich 2018“, Oncurating, Zürich
2018 „Vaterland nur Dir“, Performance, Zürich
2017 ArtexpoMarsanne, Fotografie mit Michael Heiland, FR
2017 „From Wasteland to Graceland“, Performance und Skulpturen, Zürich 2016
„Schock-Shop auf dem Doch-Joch“, Performance und Buchtaufe,
Galerie 16b, Zürich
2016 „Performance LEGS“, Performance, Corner College, Zürich 2015 „Hold the line please“, Group Exhibition,, Schlieren
2014 „Leicht – Sinn“, Group Exhibition with Ewa Pilakowski, Kunstlager Galerie, Zürich 2014

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