An allegorical work in which the figure of justice is placed at the center of the scene, and questions about life, hence the title. The whole work is centered on the allegorical theme and with clear references to the works Salvator Dalì, reveals a full surreal and freudian spirit where the giraffe in fact appears as a war allegory juxtaposed with the symbolically totemic and virile obelisk, the man who dominates the world with violence and without any perception of time and life, which suspended on the head of justice is waiting for creation, for the golden perfection that tends to generate but that struggles to live in balance. Current, contemporary work where the surreal paradox has now become sad and pure reality.


This work was conceived during the quarantine period, where individuals can no longer touch each other and where they are afraid to cross those limits that have been decided to save lives. My figures love each other, but they float, suspended in a bubble that divides and supports them, in a sort a Limbo in which they yearn for the outside and for the love of contact that is now denied.

Gold 2020

This work is part of a series whose theme is a hymn to nature, to the beauty of insects and bees that are on the verge of extinction, not to forget that beauty cannot be separated from what is good.

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Karmilla Shelly


Karmilla Shelly is an artist and fine art photographer born in Italy.
She studied set design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and subsequently completed his studies obtaining a degree in Contemporary Art.
Karmilla has been using photography and video as a creative media since she was a student attracted to the cinema and video world.
Soon she seeks her personal style, tirelessly devoting herself to a deep search of the physical and mental places of human existence, the impulses of the soul attract it as well as psychology, fundamental themes on which her compositions are concentrated with dreamlike and surreal references, a investigation aimed at exploring the diverse and parallel world of relationships, emotions and sometimes grotesque human world. For her works, in addition to pure photography, she uses graphic manipulation, sometimes combined with stage elements in 3D to create or reinvent fantasy stories or nocturnal images with waterproof portraits of sensuality and mystery.

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