Favelas 2019

Four uphill roads with many colourful houses.

Sandverwehung 2019

Sand drift in many colours.

Faltpapier 2019

Polychrome Stripes with different orientations.

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Karin Monschauer



Karin Monschauer creates worlds full of shapes and colors with computer graphics software. Her Digital Art creates abstractions of infinite interpretations. The embroidery technique has always fascinated her, allowing to externalize the connection and the interweaving of colors and shapes. This methodology, ‘raqm’ in Arabic, allows to create ornamental designs on fabric through the use of one or more threads of different colors. She draws on her intially manual skills and uses art design programs to plan abstractions rich in geometric evolutions connected in tonal ranges between hot and cold.
Monschauer proposes visual languages characterized by pure imagination as well as explicit reference to nature and textures by ancient and modern masters. She digitally paints undefined tracks every human being interprets and follows.

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