Be Red and Ready!. 2017

I would like to tell people more stories that have been secluded inside myself and show works expressing the very deep of myself which are hidden inside myself and I do not want exposed to outside.
My work is based on Minimal art as its archetype, but my way of expression tells their own stories very vividly as if through·out efforts and the trace of time were still alive and breathing. So many rhythms are continuously woven through tips of different size, intermingling and overlapping by the extent of strength of my fingertips, and time, space, and express changes of thoughts more densely. Small spaces exist in the planes of my paintings. Therefore, the vigor and energy can be felt visually among those spaces for sure.


Unity. 2017

I would like to approach to the space that exists between layers and layers as well as between ambiguous but certain borders. And also I would like to go toward the infinite and mysterious “unknown space” through only overlaps of rhythm and colors.


Every Flow Has Its Ebb. 2018

I tried to create works with Korean mind and esthetic sentiments that are not only easily approachable but also very interesting and attractive. I made my works that are familiar and with humanity, but also contain a moderate philosophy.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by C.O.C.A.

Karam Cheong

United States

Known by the artist name ​Karam​. A deep desire to create art at a young age led me to NY, where upon completion of BFA in Graphic Design in Parsons School, I started my career as a graphic designer. A few years later, I decided to quit my successful career to pursue my passion for arts which had captured my interest since my childhood. My experience as a graphic designer assisted me in finding better ways to combine colors and composing spaces to create art. The inspiration for works comes from my heart. I have an open mind toward styles but am pursuing originality; I want to stay away from pre-­existing styles. I believe that creating art is an unconscious process in which intuition leads the tip of the artists’ hands to convey the deepest emotions within the artist onto the canvas.

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