Swing DORA 2019

190×380 acrylic.collage on canvas
Music collage performance at Arts Santa Monica
Music collage jazz arranged Japanese animation song, influenced the origami and pop style painting. I usually translate the music note into painting. I expressed as music collage performance like Japanese card game “Karuta” in this time.

St.SONIC 2019

Music collage performance 350×850cm
350 × 800 cm⠀National Contemporary Center of Arts
Artist performance St.SONIC visualized classical music, inspired classical music Mozart and Tchaikovsky. Music collage is created through Japanese style technique and Russian tradition. Music collage according to the wall of NCCA. Bright colors create harmony and bronze lines make the rhythm.In this title, Saint means celestial art objects as music collage.⠀
Sonic is wavelength of music, I took the theme of Tchaikovsky and Mozart, then church and japanese tradition.⠀

Swinging Mozart 2018

Poetic symphony composed by images, colours and harmony inspired by the natural and musical world by the city of Barcelona and the space of Espronceda: a perfect fusion between nature and Art. Kaoru Shibuta translates musical notes into images and contemporary installations. Bach’s, jazz music, the sound of nature is drawn into musical notes on his sheets, a natural combination to evoke emotion in the observer and audience. Music moves him because he envisions movement in it. Through his art and music, the emotion felt by his work may be encoded through colour, shadow and harmony to be decoded and experienced by the audience. His work leads us into the world of Miro, Matisse, Bach, Beethoven, Zen meditation, Japanese calligraphy.
Espronceda Center for Arts and Culture Curator Savina Tarsitano

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Kaoru Shibuta



Grow up naturally in the harsh nature of Hokkaido.
Experience a variety of jobs such as self-defense officers, hair and makeup, plant stores, and cooks.
Besides that, learn calligraphy, Japanese painting, oil painting, tempera, glass work.
Currently working on art works that express classical music based in Kyoto.
In addition, I am good at reading works that are specific to the energy and consciousness of people and the land and the climate, by means of zazen.
Since 2018, he has been producing, presenting, and performing live performances at artist in residences around the world, including the Barcelona Arts and Culture Center Espronceda and the Russian National Center for Contemporary Art NCCA.

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