The World According To The UCP 2020

A digital illustration for The Sprawl, an independent news publication, criticizing the current provincial government's (the United Conservative Party) commitment to the dying fossil fuel industry at all costs.

The White Stag 2020

A digital illustration created for Cunning Folk Magazine.

Swan Brings The Holy Fire 2018

A series of digital illustrations commissioned by the Global Art Centre in Lanaken, Belgium, where they are currently installed. These illustrations depict a fictional apocalypse in which the natural world is given divine powers to rise of and destroy man.

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Kaitlynn Copithorne


Inspired by the natural world, folklore, and witchcraft, Kaitlynn Copithorne is an illustrator and visual artist based in Mohkinstsis/Calgary, Canada. She works primarily in digital and traditional printmaking and has produced work for magazines, music festivals, books, and public art collections.

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