Burden 2020

Justyna Grodecka © 2020, ‘Burden’, Ink drawing on paper.

The Stare and the Grin 2020

Justyna Grodecka © 2020, ‘The Stare and the Grin’, Ink drawing on paper.

Shot 2020

Justyna Grodecka © 2020, ‘Shot’, Ink drawing on paper.

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Justyna Grodecka



Justyna Grodecka is a multidisciplinary artist based in Warsaw, Poland and Munich, Germany. She works with drawing, painting, instalation art, sculpture, video and graphic arts. Justyna Grodecka's artworks refer to her personal memories. They tell about losing things and forgetting events that once played an important role in her life, positive or negative, sometimes even traumatic. The disappearance of some of these items is therefore desirable, and losing others is a waste. She also refers to political and social issues that have unwanted influence on her life.
A holder of The Scholarship granted by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage for outstanding achievements, Poland. A three-time holder of The Rector's Scholarship for the best students of The Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. She undertook studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, PL and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, DE.

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