Backwards. 2017

Painting is the most optimal way to express emotions for me. I am looking for a simple but not banal form, rich with symbols. This is the reason why most of my works are iconographic. Every painting is connected with one story. I am fascinated in human relations. I am not trying to be objective because only my own, subjective point of view expresses sincere emotions I want to illustrate. I am able to be sincere only speaking of things I know perfectly. Every painting is a part of a series that comes from a particular story. I treat painting like writing a notebook. I paint things I want to remember or to forget about.


White fur. 2017


fur. 2017

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Justyna Adamczyk


Justyna Adamczyk (b. 1981 Opoczno) received MFA from the E. Gepperd’s Academy of Fine Arts in Poland, Wroclaw, painting specialization in 2007. She received an award of Ministry of Culture and Heritage (twice, in 2005 and 2006). Her works were exhibited on GIAF 2017, Governors Island Art Fair, New York (USA), Cica Museum Soul (South Korea), Portal 2017 Soho New York (USA), Studio C Gallery Los Angeles (USA), Foksal Gallery Fundation (Warsaw), PyeongChang Biennale 2017 (Korea), Vienna Art Fair (Vienna) , or on Heppen Transfer Gallery (Warsaw), Gryffin Gallery (London) Berlin Blue Art Space (Berlin) Bestregards Galery (Frankfurt), EC Gallery (Chicago), BWA (Bielsko Biała and Wroclaw) or Steps Gallery, PolArt Fertival (Melbourne) She lives and works in Warsaw, Poland.

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