constant – Toulouse Brick #42 2017

I dedicate this photography series, constant, for old art masters. I have been strongly fascinated from old art objects before 19 century such as sculpture, architecture and stained glass. The artists of those at that ime needed unbelievably long time to create them. It must have taken years, decades, age, just long long long time. They had nothing but their hands and absolute technique. When I think about it, I feel the respect for the artists who completed their works only with it. Nowadays we live in high-tech world and don’t think about carefully our own technique any more. We have everything, every kind of machines that take us no longer than years, months and sometime even less than hours to finish our ART. We are definitely spoiled from technical developments. I take photographs of old art objects closing up to transform old traditional techniques into our high-tech life, and I have chosen to use a digital camera to express the contrast between old techniques.

constant – Toulouse Brick #98 2017

constant – Toulouse Brick #115 2017

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Junko Miyama


Junko Miyama is an Tokyo-born Japanese artist based in Berlin, working primarily in photography. Residing in Germany for over 10 years, she gets inspiration from her new home continent Europe.
Her work centers the difference between what the human eye sees and what the camera´s mechanical eye captures. Junko graduated from Meiji University with Bachelor of Commerce. After her graduation from uni in 2000, she left Japan for Sydney where she started photography. She learned photography at several colleges, at TAFE NSW Hornsby College in Sydney and at Tokyo Visual Arts College in Tokyo.
Her work has been exhibited in Japan, Sydney and Berlin.

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