1975 of My Mother and Me 2020

“1975 of my mother and me” is the final release of the series “Where do you come from”. The series segments the artist’s life experiences in different works featuring significant years. The previous three pieces are respectively about 1981, the year when he was born, 1990, in which his parents divorced, and the year of 2020 when his mother is living alone. “1975 of my mother and me” marks the year of 1975 when his parents got married. The artist explores the meanings of marriage and family in a retrospective way. From the artist’s viewpoint, his mother’s anguish is beyond her personal adversity; instead, she could symbolize any other females under the patriarchy of the era. The work shows numerous customs of the traditional wedding ceremony, his mother’s suffering from his father and elder brother during her marriage, and imagination about the interaction between his uterine sister and his mother before her second marriage.

Piece 2020

The concept originating from a parental quarrel, the father broke all the floor-to-ceiling windows in the house at the critical point of his emotions, so the glass and crackling sounds became the main conversion symbols and sound in the work. The protagonist of the movie finds a group of photos in the drainage ditch at night (this group of photos is actually a picture of many broken floor windows on the Internet), and the process of watching carefully with a flashlight is like the meaning of staring at the photo It means a process of recalling memories, and because of the similar experience in the past, the main character of me and the film acted as a mutual mirroring of life, and in the sound of cracking glass, the remaining memories in the body were cut.

Invalid 2020

The reason for choosing dance as a motivation for performance is actually very intuitive, because in the past when parents quarreled, there were always many processes of physical scuffles and falling with their father. Therefore, this kind of experience is very “corporeal” in my mind. I naturally hope to borrow The gesture of dance is used as a representation of this kind of emotional description. In fact, starting with the "absence" series, the character I look for will always point to objects with similar family backgrounds, that is, to create creative responses in this stratosphere, but this time the dancers are more innocent in the family. But also take this opportunity to be able to place his creative spirit on an external platform, so that dancers understand the creator's aspirations, and perform physical absorption and interpretation. The focus and close-up shots of the film, and the different perspectives of the long-shot panorama, show emotionally tangled posture and strength.

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Jun-Yuan Hong



Jun-yuan Hong was born in Taiwan in 1981. He is currently a candidate in the Doctoral Program in Art Creation and Theory of Tainan University of the Arts. His video has been selected for the Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin Film Festival in Paris, Berlin Revolution Film Festival, Next Art Tainan award, AFIAS Spain Moving Images Festival, Copenhagen 60 Seconds Film Festival…etc.

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