Where do you come from 2019

The film consists of the photographic narratives of individuals’ polaroid pictures taken at the time of their birth, which is used as the intertwining signifiers. A few of the selected actors came from broken families and had similar life experiences as the concept expressed in this work. In other words, the subjects in the images are not only a semiotic interpretation of role-playing​ but also a reiteration of life experiences that overlap with these actors. That is, the creative approach adopted constantly seeks subjects close to its own life trajectory as a way to realize internal, psychological imageries and spiritual restoration. The creator also interrogates life politics through these filmed subjects and mirrors the characters in his work as layered, synchronic planes. This series consistently focuses on the underlying implications behind broken families.

Absence 2018

This video work has a strong self-experience inherent emotional vacancies, especially divorced parents, domestic violence, economic weaknesses, and other broken primitive family growth, becoming a reductive sample of the inner spirit. Due to the above factors, the three protagonists of the image reflect the inability to repair the direct emotional structure, forming many contradictory characters and inner entanglement when facing the object, while the cascading in the close-up is the creator and the mother and the message dialogue. A fragment between. Back in the image of the work, strong waves attacked and eroded the traces of the face. The corners of the eyes, nose, ears, and mouth are the legacy of the waves. Even if the facial expression is distorted and sad, the outer contour is surprisingly beautiful waves. Ironically, the interior of the facial image has long been the inner vacuum of emotional retreat.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Jun-Yuan Hong



Educational background
2012-present Tainan National University of the Arts / Doctoral Program in Art Creation and Theory (PhD candidate)
2019 video work <Where Do You Come From> selected for the Indie Visions Film Festival in Virginia(US)
video work <Absence> selected for the AFIAS Spain Moving Images Festival, Rome Prisma Independent Film Awards(official selection), Alicante International Video Art Festival, Greece Little Islands Festival, Los Angeles Experimental Forum(Honorable Mention)
video work <Absence(60-second version)> selected for the Copenhagen 60 Seconds Film Festival in Denmark, The ten best videos selected by the jury, Winner of The Audience Award
2018 video work <Absence> selected for the CICA museum “Abstract Mind“ in South Korea, The Experimental video exhibition at Exchange Gallery in Pennsylvania(US)
2016 video work <Perhaps, some kind of smoke> selected for the Hors Pist Tokyo Film Festival

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