BESTS, Online welling well 2020

We all have many wishes, some we decide to make a wish for or ones we choose to bury.
We make wishes, and we keep on going, to remember, to keep wishing, to hang to our beloved, caring, to figure out connections, to bond with the world. This way of revealing captures a small authenticity as we launch and dispatch.
We are looking into the pool of holy water, wishing our wishes to realize. Despite the appearance of the ordinary objective order, we recognize our desire in the reflecting pool of water, win over the facts that run us over every minute, every second. The action of Making, creating the world, avoiding the physical law of the world and site us in a higher achy of awareness.

Is that when we realize we are more close to ourselves?

"Bests," is an online wishing well that I live stream on different platforms. I made an actual wishing well behind the camera by projecting the word "许愿池" (wishing well)onto a liquid surface.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

jun li


I am an interdisciplinary artist who likes to explore and discover. My work conceptually explores the complex range of human values, relationships and aspirations. My works are carried by shuffles of elemental components — photograph, print, etc. — that produced as an uncompromising body, which goes into various manifestations like digital and performance.

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