Basicamente Complejo 2016

Cologne, Germany
Cityleaks Art Festival

Umbral 2020

Sculpture Group Installation

Games 2018

Official Mural
Youth Olympic Games Buenos Aires.
Villa Olímpica Buenos Aires. 2018.

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Julian Manzelli


Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Julian Manzelli ( aka Chu Doma ) is a multifaceted artist who explores different media and formats. His style has developed through a process of constant experimentation, exploring concepts and modes of expression inspired by science, nature, geometry and urban life. Since the beginning, the streets have become the perfect channel for this work. Starting with DOMA Collective and later, painting characters at enormous scales to fill the grey walls of Buenos Aires and the world. Today his personal work went on to explore abstract art and systems of geometric expression, characterised by the intersections of form, colour and matter. Many of his works incorporate skills he has developed as an animator and illustrator, working with motion, the esthetic of the instant and going from the wildly expressive urban art, to the obsessive and precise studio works playing with the boundaries of the figurative and abstraction.

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