Forest#2 2019

Forest landscape realized in Torrent, Valencia, Spain
Size: 15x17m
Technical: Montana spray
Ejecution time: one week
Design time: one month

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Juan Conde



His work has a definite identity, which he has matured in his years of experimentation. He has generated a great versatility in his style, and an personality esthetic, easy to recognize.
The art of Conde is not satisfied only with the form, in the domain of the palettes colors and spaces, he delivers messages heavily of ideologies of hip hop and urban art.
Actually, his workshop is located in Madrid, when he is developing a new work phase. He is making a new collection of painting canvas, woods, and interventions of objects. His new activity doesn’t prevent his street art, because he continues participating in urban art festivals, and he integrates the collective: “Keller”, of urban art, in art space, where coexist various creative groups in Lavapiés, Madrid, called “Tabakalera”.

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