Armillary Sphere 2019

Event / Sviests 2019
Where / Valmiermuiža, Latvia
Date / June 2019
Dimensions / Height 5.5 m – Width 5 m – Depth 5 m – Circumference 15.7 m
Material / Wood, Reeds, Metal bearings


“An astrolabe is an ancient tool used in solving problems that involve time and the position of the Sun and stars. Astrolabes can be used in timekeeping, surveying, geography, and astronomy to name a few disciplines. ”

Dónde se cruzan los caminos 2017

Event / Guandu International Nature Art Festival
Where / Taipei, Taiwan
Date / November 2017
Dimensions / Height 5 m – Width 8 m – Depth 8 m – Circumference 25 m
Material / Bamboo, Rope


“There is no path without an intersection. There is no action without a decision. There is no dialogue without listening. There is no consensus without a meeting point. There, where the wind touches the earth, where thoughts touch the sky, is a commonplace, a hidden place. There, where “nowhere” is a place by itself, where different beginnings share their improvised sanctuary – that is where the paths cross”

HeimsEndir 2020

Event / Fresh Winds Biennale #6
Where / Gardur, Iceland
Date / January 2020
Dimensions / Height 4.5 m – Width 8 m – Depth 15 m
Material / Wood
Poem / Asra Rán Björt


Edge of the World

In the crack of the universe
We feel the world
In between reality and star-worlds
Huginn & Muninn

Their wing-beat merges
Opposing elements
Wind & Fire
The affection for anti.

In the bright lights of the northern hemisphere
Space and earth,
Step the dance of the crescent
and become one.
That which shows the way to the end of the world.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Jordi NN


“Environmental artist, traveller and creative mind.”
1985, Valencia, SPAIN

Jordi NN art-projects invite people to take a break and listen with their eyes. To walk around the art objects and see the sound of silence. To have their minds being touched by another reality. I do not try to change anyone’s mind, but to offer a chance to consider another point of view.

At the current epoch when everything runs so fast that people usually are not able to stop and have a look around, I invite people to reflect on where they are, where they come from and what direction they are heading to. I feel the need to provide aesthetic tools as a bond between the past and the present, at the same time aiming for the future. An intimate encounter occurs through an object that sometimes acts as a temple of the mind and sometimes as an offering ritual experience. A real-life encounter is composed of the forces of nature and the world of ideas.

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