Biological warfare 2020

Depicts a third world young boy doing energy healing surrounded by corrona viruses. The viruses are made out of descarded surgical bottles.

The Celistine Prophecy 2020

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Johnson Zuze


I create art using items of urban junk that collect from street corners and land fills. I give them new existence and present them with a lively presence beyond their primary use into poetic dimension.I learn how to handle tools from my father who used to make kitchen and hardware products using wire like iron stands, cuphookes etcMy early works were mainly made of wire. My interest in up-cycling was sparked after the burning down of our house in 2009.I scrouged through the remains and expressed my self in time of desolation. I came up with a piece called the beautiful struggle which earned me a runner up accolade on the occasion" Unity"an exhibition and competition sponsored by European union hosted at gallery Delta in Harare Zimbabwe in 2009.

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