Binary Assistant 2018

Binary Assistant explores the forms and surfaces that evolve from working with the laser etching machine on the ceramic molds. Blue and white wares and crawl glazes are a point of reference for rich ceramic surfaces this series alludes to. processes inherent in print work, especially the half-tone screen and the pixel, become lingual components in this process. (I would be happy to supply more images, this is only one of many)

Untitled 2020

This project, containing 24 objects (not all are in the image) evolved from working from the outside in. The surfaces were first printed with glazes and engobes on paper, and then rolled up and porcelain cast inside. So the outmost layer of the surface is in fact the first piece of the work, and as layers are added, it moves inward and becomes thicker. (I would be happy to supply more images, this is only one of many)

untitled 2021

This is one image of an ongoing research with many components (I would be happy to supply more images at your request, it seems impossible with this application). These are porcelain tiles with digital images printed with glaze, using the laser machine. Multiple glazes are sintered with the laser to create an image

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Johnathan Hopp


Johnathan Hopp is an Assistant Professor of Ceramic Art at the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University. He has degrees from the Rhode Island School of Design (BFA, 2001, Industrial Design) and the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem (MDes, 2013, Industrial Design). As a designer, Johnathan has worked on commissions and projects for clients such as Paul Smith (London), The Tel-Aviv municipality, the Kastiel furniture company (Tel-Aviv), and the Design Museum (Holon). As a studio artist, he has exhibited his work in venues such as the Israel Museum (Jerusalem), the Gardiner Museum (Toronto), the Museum of Art and Design (NYC) and the Yingge Museum (Taipei). His work resides in public and private collections such as the Israel Museum (Jerusalem), the Museum of Art and Design (NYC), the Kneset collection(Israeli parliament, Jerusalem) and the Jewish Museum (NYC).

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