Tigray Girl 2018

image is public on the internet, has been live for some time …

This is marquetry …two dimensional images … pieces of thin wood veneer from different species cut, sanded, fit together, and glued to a base … occasionally I use a woodburning tool or charcoals or hot sand burnishing or wood dyes for highlights….

Vickie-bird 2019

Taken from one of the defining moments of my life .. I was astounded by her visage once I completed the work, she looks so differently to me now than what I remember from 40 years ago …. this says so much to me ….

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John Tucker

US Minor Outlying Islands

I really should stop and write it down. Still too busy doing it, though. Maybe if I get really, really old. I love adventure, I want to taste, smell, feel, see, experience everything I can, that does not kill me. I do art kind of in the in-betweens, its restful, not really meant for general consumptioin but if other people like it, thats fine.

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