EvoGyre 2019

Semi-Permanent Installation of reclaimed single use plastic bottles installed as a suspended sculpture inspired by jellyfish and our underwater friends. The project is installed at the Conrad Rangali Resort Hotel in Maldives.

Voci dal Vento 2019

Social practice project created via several workshops with marginalized communities. Participants created memories and the artist affixed these memories to handmade bamboo windchimes. One person, one windchime. Installed at the University of Siena, Italy, and finally in Quimper, France.

Dinner Party 2019

Life Cycle installation of living materials and compostable materials designed to feed the earth as time passes. An Oak tree surrounded by Moss, Bran, and Hemp collaborate to create a shrine to restoration, relationships, and respect.

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John Melvin

United States


John Kenneth Melvin (MFA-SFAI), is a multi-disciplinary Eco-Artist inspiring cultural exchange via commissions and exhibitions internationally. A born & raised Bay Area native, he divides his off-project time between the USA and France, where he holds an 'artist visa’ granted by the French government. He taught graduate level Art for 5 years and worked 10 years in the corporate world. He has achieved over 20 funded 'artist in residencies' at institutions internationally from Cambodia to Colorado, 15 years of consecutive professional exhibitions including over 22 solo exhibitions and collaborates with both non-profits and ultra-luxury hotels, from Missouri to Maldives.

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