o tempo perguntou ao tempo… 2021

It is waiting for time to pass that everything that is significant or important happens. Time passes by us and takes with it all these events and moments, which are thus not valued and end up being forgotten in our timeline. In a society inherently linked to the neoliberal rhythm of production and consumption, to the perception of time of things as something immediate and momentary. This video installation, consisting in 4 TV screens that play the same 4 video loops, aims to be that space to reflection, pulling the spectator into this faux reality and depiction of real, making him wonder which, after all, will be the true representation? Which of the moving pictures is the original?



Retrato pandémico 2020

retrato pandémico is the third project made exclusively at home during lockdown. it’s a 25 minutes documentary that follows three different characters, trying to understand the consequences and effects of lockdown in their lives. these three characters are in different stages in life: one studies full time; another works full-time, having recently graduated from college; and the other is a student trying to transition to the job market. the documentary was initially planned to work as a nine tv-wall installation but the short-film format brings it the most cohesion. different effects, stories and frames are set to place in a still very recent and updated reality.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

João Alves



I consider myself a multimedia artist that works primarily with photography and video. My work tends to cross different mediums in the multimedia landscape, from site-specific installations to books and monographs, lightboxes or pinhole photography.

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