A Trailer of Seen in the Dusk, 7th March 2020 2020

SEEN IN THE DUSK transforms Gallery One into a place in-between day and night, and invites the audience to a performance in three acts.
The event is a culmination of the research that the two artists are sharing, where they have been exploring intersections between Greek and Korean Mythologies, through the concept of ecofeminism. The artists aim to promote intercultural connections and myths as a form of knowledge while bringing elements of nature worship and its strong relationship with womanhood.
This collaboration celebrates respect, changes, and cycles. Throughout the three acts, the artists perform offerings as appreciation for nature’s interventions and prosperity, and as recognition for guidance in their journey of self-awareness.

Written and Directed by Jina Song

A Trailer of Chapter 51-70, Act I-III, 9th August 2019 2019

It is another cross-section of the story ‘hsjnwagnes’ that I’ve created in November 2018, and it’s about the time when Sinja started to live in Glasgow (around 1951-1970).
It contains lots of traumas of her life, like cultural confusions of living in the UK as Korean, subconscious homesickness and solastalgia (she missed her home however she didn’t want to go back for 20 years, she somehow disgusted by herself whenever she felt homesick) and tensions between her willingness to maintain the dignity of her life and insecurity of her reality.
But the performance can be projected on all the three women (Sinja, Agnes, Nawoon) since I believe that this loop also affected Sinja’s offspring’s lives. They (Agnes, Nawoon) also lived similar lives, it has been presented by the elements of the performance.
The well = The performance = The loop = The life of Sinja (and her offsprings)

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South Korea


Jina Song is a multi-disciplinary artist, originally from Korea, currently living in Glasgow. Her work merges the art of storytelling with media ranging from theatrical performance to film and painting to sculpture. Song’s current focus is the complex fictional narrative of the lives of grandmother, daughter, and granddaughter ‘Sinja’, ‘Agnes’, and ‘Nawoon’, whose stories she refers to collectively as ‘hsjnwagnes’. Within it, she explores themes of shared memory and trauma, relationships, and personal identity as it relates to nationality and shared experiences.

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