Detached Landscape No.13 2021

Not polluting painting from consistent images and discourse is the most essential methodology in the work process. Therefore, the moment the object of expression is replaced with a painting, I tend to be faithful to itself. In a word, it is like a carpe diem painting that pursues ‘pictures to see’ rather than ‘pictures to read’, and contemplates the context of living life faithfully in every moment using images of the natural world as a prism.

Beautiful Desaster No.2 2021

In a more realistic language, I tend to work based on the most fundamental historical attributes of painting. For example, it is based on oil painting, but its physical characteristic is that it harmonizes with industrial products such as paint spray, tar, and enamel. Completing a work in a fairly short period of time is also a characteristic, which is very personal, so rather than appealing to the audience with emotions that are difficult to empathize with, they completely decolorize their emotions and stand on a sharp day of reason and set the subject in a primitive way. In addition to the attitude of looking directly at the object beyond myself, it is a painting as a medium to go beyond the object itself in the painting and make contact with the source.

Detached Landscape No.12 2021

For example, in the case of installation and video work in contemporary art, it is a kind of ‘work’ that is consistently performed in order to realize a clear shape planned in the head, whereas painting is unpredictable, such as making mistakes and correcting at every moment of painting with a tactile material called a brush. It is a kind of drama in which the overlapping of actions taken is recorded. All of our lives are dramatic, but not always dramatic. Searching for an appropriate metaphor for the moments of life that we inevitably face, we found landscapes and beings that reveal the absolute power of nature that cannot be refuted by human power. Even in the case of a being in the form of a headless bird, it is an existence that cannot exist physically, but nevertheless, holding on to a branch with both feet tightly in order not to disappear, as if trying to penetrate the contemporary era with the power of painting, every moment It is also a self-portrait as an artist who endures.

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South Korea

Major Solo Exhibitions

2021 Arthemist (Gallery Spectrum, Seoul)
2020 Beautiful Disaster (Starfield, Hanam,KR)
2020 The painting remained material (Gallery Roun,Seoul)
2019 ONE’S LIFETIME (Can.verse 10G45,Seoul)
2018 SURVIVAL: ISM ( Gallery ARTWA,Seoul)
2015 The Rest (Gallery in Sejong univ,Seoul)
2014 Instintual Drive (Gallery 2tti,Seoul)
2014 The Decolorized (Lespace 71,Seoul)
2014 Potential (Gallery Jireh, Paju,KR)​

2014 JW Young Art Award (special selection)
2014 The National College of Art Competition (be accepted)
2014 Prize Artists of tomorrow Gyeomjae Jungsun
2012 Sejong Univ Graduate exhibition Prize

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